Feasibility Study

Land Survey

Property & Appliance Survey

Engineering & Design

PRMS & Regulators Construction

Pipelines & Distribution Networks Construction

Customer Internal Networks Construction

Cathodic Protection

As Built Drawings


Purging & Commissioning

Appliances Conversion

Customer Service

Operations & Emergency


EPC and operation of natural gas distribution networks and pressure reduction stations for:

  • Residential Customers
  • Commercial Establishments
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Power Stations
  • CNG Stations
  • District Gas Cooling & Air Conditioning Projects.

    Conversion of gas burning household appliances and industrial equipment to operate with natural gas.

    Manufacturing and assembling of Pressure Reduction & Metering Stations, and Pressure Regulators.

    Customer service and operations (after sale) activities:
  • New connections
  • Alterations
  • Maintenance
  • Responding to emergency calls on 24/7 basis.

    EPC of natural gas transmission pipelines.

    EPC of LPG distribution networks and storage tanks.

    Construction, rehabilitation and renovation activities for oil & gas and industrial projects.